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About UseFool
UseFool is a collection of products and services, which apparently are designed for some uses, but they are just not quite useful enough in practical situation.

These items may not be reinvented wheels, in fact, they can be very innovative. Sometimes they are created for the sake of innovation. What they lack of is the question - "Who need this?".

Anyway, the definition of UseFool can be confusing. From time to time, editors of UseFool even question if UseFool itself is a typical example of usefuless.

However this site is by no means claiming products and services listed are useless. A "not so practical" product today could turn into a champion tomorrow.

As a reader, you are encouraged to dig around this site in order to get a better understanding of UseFool and make your own judgement if a particular item is useful or usefool.

About the rating
Each item is ranked by readers to determine whether it's usefool or useful.

Extremely Usefool
Very Usefool
Quite Usefool
A Little Usefool
Kind Of Usefool
Kind Of Useful
A Little Useful
Quite Useful
Very Useful
Extremely Useful

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